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Lager brewery in Richmond, VA

Our Beer

Crisp, concise lagers, and pillowy pilsners are what drive us. There may be nothing better than merengue-like foam on top of pale nectar.

Live Music

Pilsners are good when paired with intimate acoustic acts, or large outdoor shows.  They make appearances at our Northside location from time to time.

Private Events

We have large indoor and outdoor spaces that can accommodate parties of all sizes.  Let us know and let the lagers flow. 

Conveniently located near Battery Park, Richmond

Off-street parking in our lot with overflow onto a quiet street.

704 Dawn St., Richmond VA 23222

Wednesday – Thursday : 4:00: PM – 9:00 PM
Friday – Saturday : 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Sunday : 12:00 PM – 7: 00 PM
Monday – Tuesday : Closed

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Lager Lovers

Let’s make lagers more prominent. They shouldn’t be an afterthought or rushed. Lagers should be poured from the correct faucets, and nestled in the appropriate glassware. Tabol’s lager program is built around patience and gentle care of the beer style. Nothing will taste more clean or succinct than our small batches of lager beer.

Beer Tourists

Richmond’s brilliant beer culture is, by now, famous, and there is a lot to take in and see. Tabol’s taproom is located away from some of the busier areas and can offer a quiet respite. We also lean on the more clean and refreshing styles. A trip in our direction might offer a calm, easy experience.

Event Planners

Our pilsner palace is your playground. Our floor space is open and spacious. Our large outdoor deck and fire pit area have been a big draw. We also have a mobile kitchen available to caterers. With plenty of off-street parking, an available kitchen, and large indoor/outdoor seating, any guest should go free from want.

Order for Pick-up

Online ordering now available!

Who We Are

We’re a small, 5bbl brew house, run by an even smaller team – all originating here in VA.

Our mission at Tabol is to make top notch lagers and pilsners. As concise and understated as the styles are, there doesn’t seem to be a limit to the variance and reward one can achieve in pursuit of the perfect pale lager, or Czech style dark. We think beer is best when simplified and approachable, while also maintaining a meticulous pursuit of high quality.


Travis runs social media, events, and the food and beer schedule, and he has a background in maintenance, distribution, and commercial packaging.


Sabrina wears every hat – from label design to tedious clerical work, she keeps us moving forward.


Rob is Head Brewer and has twelve years of experience. The only thing more impressive than his lager recipes is his vinyl collection.

Why Anytime Beer Company

Upscale, Relaxing Tasting Room

We believe that great beer shouldn’t burn out your taste buds after one pint. Great beer should be enjoyed all night!

Always 5 to 8 Lagers on Tap

We always have options of your favorite lagers. That clean, crisp, concise, understated style of beer.

Outdoor & Indoor Seating

A fire pit warms and accents our 125-person capacity patio, and we have just as much room indoors if the skies open up or the weather turns a bit too cold for ya!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my dog inside?

Absolutely.  Polite dogs are always welcome in our tasting room. 

Can I use your projector?
 Yes. Our projector is available for our costumers to hook up to.  Simply ask the bartender, and they should be able to help.
Do you have meals available, or just snacks?
We always have food available in our pop-up trailer. Check out our Social Media: Facebook and Instagram
Do you have any non-alcoholic options?

Yes! We carry kambucha, Seltzer water, and sodas.